200 gr. of rice for sushi
 250 ml. of water
 1 cucumber
 Two tablespoons of rice vinegar
 One teaspoon of sugar
 One teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds
 Two tablespoons of soy sauce
 Two sheets of nori seaweed
 Rolling mat


Wash the sushi rice carefully. Repeat this about five times, until the water is transparent. Then strain and drain for about 10 minutes to dry.
Place a pot of water and add the rice. Cook the rice like normal rice, without adding condiments. Once most of the water has evaporated, reduce the heat to a minimum and cover the pot for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes without uncovering. There should be a rice not too dry, with a humidity point.
Transfer the rice to a glass roaster. Spread the rice throughout the area without crushing it. Mix the vinegar with the sugar and pour it over the rice.
Move delicately so that everything is integrated homogeneously. Let stand 10 more minutes.
Place the nori seaweed sheet on top of the mat. Wet your hands with a little water with rice vinegar. Then put a layer of rice on the seaweed sheet. Spread the sesame seeds over the rice.
Place two strips of cucumber 1.5 cm thick on the rice. Start rolling the maki.
Cut 8 rolls of similar size and serve the cucumber makis accompanied by soy sauce.




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