This Workshop took place on October 7, 2019 coinciding with the arrival of the EUROTOUR in Cologne.  German journalists and influencers had the opportunity to visit the mobile greenhouse and held talks with representatives of the Spanish and European fruit and vegetable sector with the aim of getting to know in depth the characteristics and benefits of the greenhouse production model.

Among the main characteristics of the greenhouse production method are the positive effect it has on the environment, the supply of beneficial health products at reasonable prices at times of the year when it would be impossible to have them otherwise, and the social role of favouring the integration and incorporation of women, young people and immigrants into the labour market.
On the other hand, specific aspects of this sustainable method of production were highlighted, such as the biological control of pests developed in them (reducing the use of pesticides) and pollination with the aid of bumblebees.

During these talks, it was also discussed what the EUROTOUR could offer its visitors in Cologne, explaining all the activities that this European promotion programme has, focused both on schools and on the general public and the great importance of spreading knowledge about the quality of European fruit and vegetables, as well as the strict quality standards of their respective production methods.





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